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Host of ‘Reply All’ Podcast Takes Leave of Absence After Accusations of Toxic

In another instance, he said, when he tried to bring up concerns about inequality at Gimlet, a member of the senior management team told Mr. Eddings that she was reluctant to discuss the issues with him because he always seemed “so angry.”

Mr. Eddings remembers thinking, “I’m upset because this place could be better.”

In a statement on Twitter on Wednesday, the Gimlet Union said that Mr. Eddings was “right — it was an infinitely hard fight and unfortunately, it’s not over.” The union said it had been bargaining for a contract for over 18 months and that it was still negotiating on issues including salary increases and proposals around diversity and inclusion.

Brittany Luse, a former Gimlet employee who co-hosted “The Nod” with Mr. Eddings, said she understood others’ questions about the union, and what it would mean for them, but that Mr. Vogt and Ms. Pinnamaneni’s staunch opposition was shocking and painful.

“There were so many days where I just woke up crying,” said Ms. Luse, who left Gimlet early last year. “I was just seeing what so many of my colleagues were going through in attempting to communicate something that I felt was so simple — to people who outwardly like to seem in favor of a more equitable workplace, but privately were just behaving in a completely different way. It was hard.”

The situation became increasingly toxic as negotiations continued and Mr. Vogt and Ms. Pinnamaneni pressured employees not to join, said Ms. Luse, who was the first Black employee of Gimlet when she joined the company in 2015. She said it felt as though they wanted to preserve the company’s status quo — which employees of color had been saying, for years, had lacked diversity and fair pay.

Lydia Polgreen, the managing director of Gimlet, told staff in an email on Wednesday that Mr. Vogt would be stepping down.

“From the moment I arrived at Gimlet, it was clear that our culture needed work, and that there were big things that needed to change to make this a better, more equitable place,” Ms. Polgreen said, adding that the collective bargaining process had been “by its nature confrontational.”

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