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Aloo Tikki With Hari Chutney Recipe

These bronzed, crispy-on-the-outside spiced potato patties, or aloo tikki in Urdu and Hindi, take me back to my school years in Lahore. We used to line up for the school tuck shop owner Apa’s aloo tikki: Each one was placed neatly in the middle of warm naan and folded for a mobile snack during recess. This street-food-style snack—which is enjoyed from Pakistan to India to Bangladesh—pairs beautifully with a cup of late afternoon chai, as a side with morning eggs (move over, hash browns), or with a glass of bubbly during cocktail hour. The fritters themselves are scented with fresh cilantro, mint, and cumin seeds, but dunk them into fiery hari (green) chutney to fully enjoy. 

This recipe calls for cayenne pepper, but if you prefer more heat, use the ground red chili powder found in South Asian grocery stores. It’s worth sourcing rice flour, as it provides a really amazing crunch, but all-purpose flour will work. —Shayma Owaise Saadat

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