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Dog steals microphone from TV reporter in adorable viral moment

A Russian TV reporter found herself chasing a dog live on air last week after the audacious canine ripped her microphone out of her hands and scampered away while she was providing a weather update, according to reports. 

Mir TV anchor Elina Dashkueva sat wide-eyed in the studio for a moment as reporter Nadezhda Serezhkina ran after the golden retriever with the stolen equipment, Mediaite reported. 

Footage uploaded on social media shows the dog leap into the air to grab Serezhkina’s microphone during her live shot.


“It looks like we have lost the connection to our correspondent,” Dashkueva reportedly told viewers as the station pulled away from Serezhkina giving chase, according to Mediaite. “We will try to connect with her momentarily.”

Serezhkina and the apparently stray dog met up on camera later in the broadcast – this time in a planned appearance where she knelt next to the pooch who appeared much more docile.

The reporter said no one was hurt in the incident but her “microphone took a bite or two.”

She added that Moscow’s warm spring weather is perfect for walking a dog, according to the Washington Examiner

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