Stanley Barnes

General Sales Manager

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Question: What makes different

Answer: Why the majority of Job Boards conduct business from the same model, we actually focus on one professional industry.

Question: How does it benefit to focus on a single industry.

Answer: It allows us to provide professional services and the best customer care. Our industry focus falls under the top professional professions in the world. Therefore, employers are seeking a special candidate for their requirements that will exemplify the field of finance in appearance, conversation, and intellect.

Why most Job Boards charge per “click” Great Question.


1. If an employer is paying based on each time, they “click” on their company name, it means for the Job Board to make extra money even if no candidate is qualified. More clicks. More money.

2. Other Job Board will provide a listing to employers many times from their database even if they fall under some other area closely matching the Employer’s request.

3. Many top candidates in the finance field will never list their Job ambitions on a generic job board that focuses on every industry in the world. For example: if one is already working in the field at a top executive level position, they will seek to minimize their career change ambitions exposure to their current employer.

Question: Why is your pricing a based on monthly, or annual basis.

Answer: Every employer will not hire monthly or even yearly. Therefore, pricing is based on employer needs. If for example employer requires hiring a single CPA, the pricing is setup so as to pay as needed. If a company expects to hire on an ongoing basis the pricing is setup to save by having a yearly price.

The field of finance is not for everyone. It takes a certain to of skill be successful, respected and comfortable.